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July 3rd, 2007

Publisher's description

NeoTrace shows you how packets get from your computer to another computer on the Internet by displaying all nodes between your computer and the trace target.

22 Reviews to “NeoTrace”

  1. Nico4390 Says:

    neotrace is one of the best programs that can be used for finding out information also another way is downloading codes so you can find where people live

  2. Robert Marson Says:

    I’ve been using NeoTrace since 2001, and I also use with it, 2 free programs, called IPNetInfo and Abuse. These 3 programs have made tracing Spammers and Hackers really easy to do. Abuse is a program you copy and paste the headers into and it scans the headers and gives you the ISP the Spam came from. It’s awesome and free. IPNetInfo does a very good job at scanning the IP and Web Addresses. Then I use NeoTrace to confirm all the data I receive. I have had lot’s of spammers disconnected by using these program’s. So if you’re getting alot of porn, money schemes, loans, etc, and all the other garbage these morons like to send out then try out these other 2 programs. I am telling you all this because I KNOW it works. The programs are totally free and clean. We Can BEAT SPAM if we all work together.
    Peace Out……..MoBeer1ca

  3. swordfish Says:

    thanx for info robert marson l use neotrace programe now but l stared new and l need big iformation

  4. John D Says:

    Been a fan of this software since I first found it on a the cover disk of a computer magazine.

    Apparently it’s what the FBI use to trace IP Addresses, and that’s probably the highest endorsement you’ll ever find for this type of software.

  5. Tv Guy Says:

    Sorry ( filler) to say, no “trojan” in “” some software looks at files with special codes as “trojans”.

    This file is in use and scanned with AVG, Xoftspy SE plus Spybot.

  6. Rob Marson Says:

    I should have put this here last year. Here is the website for the Abuse program, and you can get IPNetInfo here,. Now let’s go get all those scammers and spammers that keep sending all of their garbage like “UK Lottery, Irish Lottery, Dear Sir/Friend, I have 10 billion dollars and you can have half if you are dumb enough to believe this crap…lol.” Oh, and the mortgage loans, credit cards, etc, etc.

  7. Amanda Hugenkiss Says:


    Please re-post the links to the Abuse and IPNetInfo app’s.


  8. Blk4WhiteGals Says:

    if you want IPNetinfo and Abuse, just google the items.

  9. Blk4WhiteGals Says:

    sorry… google the terms

  10. LittleRedCorvette Says:

    As far as I know, Neotrace was discontinued by McAfee shortly after acquisition. I’m a little surprised it never took off. Any one know if there are any competing products on the market? I’ve only seen the java one – visual trace route.

  11. Vas^Co Says:

    Sorry i can’t find Abuse but i find for IPNetinfo

    can anybody share this ??


  12. me Says:

    just google “abuse software” and it’s the first one.
    neotrace works awesome.

  13. i-NET.iNFO Says:

    Neotrace is really a nice software. It let me know how an email or packets are being sent.

  14. the knight 187 Says:

    I Had The Program In My Unit, But Now I’m Lookin’ For It Again Because I Had To Redo My Windows On A New Drive.
    Now I’m Needing It Again !

  15. NosTraDomus Says:

    Neotrace was aquired by alot of companies, McAfee, wasnt the last, there was a news article about 2007, stating neotrace had been bought by the gov, but reading further it narrowed it down to FBI Anti-hackers project, BUT now its called SHADOW,funny name isnt it? by blacklabs- though its updated and renamed, its neotrace engine,but added anti-hacker name it,its got it… the Shadow software was public for around $200, but thats when the gov took over adding more addons…it takes the “human-side” out of thinking, and is mostly A.I….can some one say..”cyberdyne systems”?
    Well..thats that, NeoTrace, as it was known as, is pretty much shareware, on piratebay/katz..etc there are some places that offer a license, BUT, its a 3rd party license…still legal-the best version is the ones by Fossi.have fun.

  16. bunty Says:

    it’s a totaly faulty software .because it not show the location of the perticular e-mail ID

  17. oldneotraceuser Says:

    NeoTrace use to give more information, as routers and firewalls have added security mesures the built in tools started to give less information, for example the whois information listed under the registrant tab is not nearly as detailed as going to and searching the IP. I was frustrated because I purchased McAfee’s version in 2003 after they aquired NeoTrace and thought that it would get better. Not the case, all they did was take the 3.25 version and changed the name from NeoTrace to McAfee Visual Trace. Since then zero development. What a waste.

  18. Dave Says:

    Tried the 30-day trial – crashed right away.

  19. Jorge @ Portugal Says:

    It works since 2007 for me :)

    Excelent Program, High recommended :)

  20. Sathesh Says:

    Thank you, Make Slalom! managed to download it!..its a brilliant tool!

  21. kik Says:


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